We are constantly trying to come up with interesting ways to give away prizes. Being caller 9 is great, but it isn't as entertaining as inducing pain on someone else while trying to win tickets! That's where William comes into play! William volunteered to be tortured - just for our entertainment!

We racked our brains to come up with something he could do that would make for great video and something people could do to him that wouldn't permanently hurt him to win! We came up with the idea of waxing him. Wax can be difficult, messy and if not properly done, it will leave scarring. We didn't want to make it so he would need medical attention, so we figured we would cover him in 98 Country bumper stickers and let listeners rip one off to enter for Winstock tickets.

We arrived at Duet Internet & Phone around 6am this morning, covered William and the fun began! After dodging some lightening and a few showers, people started rolling into the parking lot and ripping those stickers off. In fact, one lady pressed the sticker on even more than it originally was, then ripped with all her might. William really felt that one!

In the end, all the stickers were taken off and three lucky people are now on their way to Winstock next weekend! And what does William get out of this? Our gratitude for being a great sport and we're sending him to Winstock as well! We just hope his outer layer of skin grows back in time to get burned at Winstock!