Sometimes we get bombarded with all the bad in the world and it makes us feel like there is no one out there doing any good. Sometimes we just need a reminder that there is good out there, we just have to look around for it.

We hear about bad things happening all the time. Someone got murdered, someone's home was broken into, a disaster has struck somewhere in the world or we ourselves have been a victim of some type of wrong doing. Whatever the case may be, sometimes we can start to think the worst about the human race - adults committing violent crimes, kids committing violent crimes and the list goes on and on.

But there are still good people in the world. Someone that will put their own life on the line to help someone they have never met. There are people out there that, when given the chance, will choose to do the right thing.

Sure, there are police officers, firefighters, EMS, soldiers and all the typical heroes that, when asked, will tell you that they are "just doing their job." And that's the people we expect to come running when someone is in trouble. But what about the average Joe, like you and me?

This is a great little video that gave me a little hope that there is still some good left in people, they just have to find it in themselves.