I'll be honest, on the outside I look like an adult. On the inside I'm eight. Adulthood has a way of sneaking up on us. One minute you're on summer vacation, running through the sprinkler. The next minute you're dropping your kids off at school on the way to your colonoscopy.

As a service to 98 Country listeners, Cindy and I have put together a list of warning signs to alert you to the fact that you're becoming an adult. (Please note that the content below may be disturbing to some audiences.)

  1. Someone younger than you makes a reference that you're too old to understand.
  2. You say something like, "I don't get kids today."
  3. A bartender asks for ID and, instead of being nervous, you're flattered.
  4. When a band you grew up with is referred to as 'classic' anything.
  5. The first time you don't get seated at the "kids table" at a family holiday dinner.
  6. When former classmates start getting married and having babies.
  7. When someone younger refers to you as 'ma'am,' or 'sir.'

As always, we're certain that you could add to this list, so please do. Comment below or on the 98 Country Facebook page -- or give us a call at 320-252-9897.