Every parent wants their kid to be smart, witty, fun to be around, etc. But did you know there are few things you can do to help your kid be smarter.A new study shows that kids that care for pets do far better in school than those kids that don't have a pet. Now you may say, Dave, we have a cat and a dog and that's enough. Well cats and dogs are pets, but they don't need the kind of one on one attention that a chinchilla needs.

Basically it comes down to the kids can handle the chinchilla, feed it, give it water and do things for it because of its small size. Dogs are typically walked by adults, fed by adults and mostly cared for by the adults in the house. Cats don't like to be played with and again falls to the adults to clean the litter box, feed them and so on.

With the kids getting a hands-on experience with the chinchilla it gives them a better sense of responsibility and helps develop their caring side. Plus, who wouldn't want to play with the chinchilla? Often times kids will do their homework just so they can play with this little ball of fur - basically a little motivation for them doing a good job.

So there you have it, you want a smarter kid? Brush up on your chinchilla care and get to the pet store and get them a chinchilla today!