Ok, I get it, you're hip and funny, but it's time for these internet viral sensations to go away. The latest "Harlem Shake" and "Gallon Smashing" were never really funny in the first place.  But now they're just getting stupid and dangerous.

I have a few doubts about the validity of this latest "Harlem Shake".  It seems a bit set up, but even so, I don't think the result was what they were looking for.  And it just fuels (ahem) the flames of stupid ideas for other idiots to try.

"Gallon Smashing" is even more stupid.  You pretend to trip while carrying gallons of milk, thus smashing them on the floor and leaving a huge mess to clean up.  I love slapstick and stupid humor but this was moronic from the get-go.  I did enjoy watching this bafoon wipe out however.