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Winning Weekend with Tim & Faith
This weekend is another Winning Weekend on 98.1 Minnesota’s New Country. You can score a pair of Tim & Faith tickets for their July 7th Target Center show – because we’re giving away a pair every hour all weekend long!
Enter to Win Dream Getaway #35 Here
This is a your once-in-a lifetime opportunity to go on the vacation of your dreams -- and have someone else pay for it! Hawaii? Europe? Alaska? Australia? If you win, you decide. Will Dream Getaway #35 be yours?
An Insider’s Guide To Winning A Dream Getaway [Watch]
With the first 'Dream Getaway' winner being drawn this Friday morning, increasing your odds of qualifying is at a premium -- and every hint discussed in this short video also applies to the rest of the 'Dream Getaways' were giving away this Spring. Good luck!