The Minnesota Vikings (3-9-1) have a chance to maintain or improve their draft status today with a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles (8-5) at the Metrodome. (Yes, I want them to lose.) They are currently 4th in draft order behind Houston, Atlanta, and Washington. A win by either the Falcons or Redskins (with a Vikings loss) would bump them up to second or third with two weeks to go in the season.

Their odds at a loss improved greatly this morning with a report that both Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart will likely miss today's game due to injury.

It's tough for me to want them to lose, but this season is laughable, and the only thing we can cling to now is a team-changing draft pick (along with a new coaching staff) next spring.

Today's game is the second to last ever at the Metrodome. Demolition of the stadium will begin following the Viking's last home game of the season on December 29th against the Lions.

Today's kickoff is scheduled for Noon on FOX. Go Eagles. (???) I guess that's what this season has been reduced to.