Each month, 98 Country will honor one of our military members and name a 98 Country Veteran of the Month.

Our first Veteran Of The Month is Nick Garland. We were so honored to award Nick with a gift basket, surprising him and his family on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here's the letter his wife Amanda sent to us.

I am nominating my wonderful husband, Nick, for 98 Country’s Veteran of the month. Nick served almost 5 years in the Navy. We were stationed in Mayport, FL and he was assigned to a cruiser named USS Vicksburg. Nick’s relatives served in different branches of the military. He joined out of respect for his relatives and for love of country. I watched my husband put our country first. When he was not out to sea that meant going to work before the sun was up and coming home when the sun was down, staying up for over 24 hours to come home and struggle to stay awake so he could spend a precious few moments with me. It also meant working in 115 degree heat with no air conditioning.  It meant going to work when he was sick and just needed to stay in bed. It also meant the heart wrenching good byes.


If there is a member of the military in your life, you can nominate them to be our Veteran of the Month!




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