I love pizza. Which is good because pizza and I spend quite a few Friday nights together, snuggling on the couch. Make an awesome Valentine's Day pizza for your sweetie.....even if your sweetie is yourself.

This is so easy, don't let making your own pizza scare you. If the people working at the pizza place can make a pizza, so can you - and I know because I've worked at more than one pizza place.

You can buy your pizza dough or make it yourself. Shape the dough into a heart and top it with some stuff and lots of cheese.

What makes this pizza really cute, though, is if your stuff is pepperoni and you cut it into heart shapes using a cookie cutter. I bought the big sandwich pepperoni from the deli counter because those little tiny pizza pepperonis are, well, really tiny. Plus (pepperoni bonus!) you can eat the scraps. That's the perk of being the cook.

And the perk of being single on Valentine's Day? You get all this hot, cheesy love for yourself! Mmmmmmm, hot, cheesy love.....