Remember when our parents said "don't do that" and we did it anyway? Most of the time it was BECAUSE we were told not to do it that led us to actually doing it. The Dean at UW Madison told kids NOT to go to a party - like that's going to work.

Dean Lori Berquam tried to be cool enough to post a YouTube video in hopes the students would take her advice and not attend a street festival hosted near the college. The video comes across as a boring lecture being given to a 4 year old. In fact, it is so laughable that the university pulled the video from YouTube to prevent embarrassment.

Fortunately enough people had grabbed the video before it was taken down that we are able to make fun of it. Seriously Dean? You really thought that telling the students NOT to go to a place where they can drink, hang out and have fun was really going to keep them on campus and away from this debauchery?

It never worked on me - heck, it still doesn't!!

Enjoy this painful video!


And of course, there are those that "remixed it". It makes it much more enjoyable!