Can you tell the difference? When the United States Post Office chose a picture from a stock photography service for their stamp to honor the Statue Of Liberty, they couldn't...because they chose the wrong one. The picture featured on the stamp is actually of the replica that stands in front of the 'New York, New York' hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip.

What are the differences? Well for starters the real Statue Of Liberty is much larger than it's Las Vegas replica, but the picture was only a head shot of the statue so that was impossible to know. Though there are differences that you can see.

-The statue in Vegas is a different color than the real thing. The real statue was copper and turned green over time, while the Vegas version is green because they made it that way.

-The hair is different.

-The Vegas statue has more defined facial features.

The USPS doesn't have the money to reprint the three billion stamps that have been made, so it looks like we'll continue paying for a fake.