MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins will induct former outfielder Michael Cuddyer and former general manager Andy MacPhail into their Hall of Fame this weekend.

Cuddyer and MacPhail will become the 29th and 30th members of the Twins Hall of Fame.

Cuddyer will be inducted during an on-field pre-game ceremony on Saturday and MacPhail on Sunday when the Twins host Arizona at Target Field.

Rod Carew will present the Twins Hall of Fame jacket to Cuddyer and MacPhail at both ceremonies.

MacPhail led the Twins to two World Series Championships, including the club's first in 1987. He spent 10 seasons in the Twins front office, including nine seasons as general manager.

Cuddyer played 15 years in the majors, including 11 seasons with Minnesota where he amassed 1,106 hits, 580 RBIs and 141 homers.

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