I can't honestly say I have ever given a thought as to what my choice of hot dog toppings say about me.

That is until I read an article posted on The Stir.  I saw the headline and I thought it was going to be another one of those things where people who use only ketchup and mustard are boring.  That's not exactly the case so I figured I would give you my take on a few of them.

Plain: Boring!!  In reality, hot dogs do not have a whole lot of taste so to eat them with nothing on them is gross.  If you're worried about getting ketchup or mustard on yourself, use a napkin!

Ketchup and Mustard:  This is me (although, if I'm feeling adventurous I might add some onion.)  If you ask me, this is the heart and soul of a hot dog.  If you're not putting at least one of these on it, there's something seriously wrong

Onions:  I think people who put onions on their hot dogs are adventurous!!  They like the zing the onion taste gives and they spice up their life in the same way!

The original article also talks about relish, mayonnaise (which sounds disturbing on many levels!), chili and cheese, and honey mustard.  While this is definitely not based on science, it does make for an interesting conversation!