Most companies are very generous around the holidays.  Many places will give out some sort of gift or a monetary bonus.  Either way it's a nice gesture during the holiday season.

PR Newswire asked folks what they would do if they got an extra paycheck right before the holidays.  Some would pay bills while others would buy better Christmas gifts.

Here's what I would consider doing:

1.  Make a donation to some sort of charity
2.  Adopt a family in need and help them have a nice Christmas
3.  Save it for a rainy day
4. Repair my car that seems to have endless problems
5. Buy my dog more toys she doesn't need

I have been fortunate enough to work in places where you get a monetary bonus.  It might be a percentage of what you make or a pre-determined amount for each employee.  With all the money that gets spent, the extra cash comes in pretty handy.

What would you do with an extra paycheck this holiday season?