I love American Idol! This is the 10th season of the show and in my opinion, it's better than ever.

The new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler seem like season veterans up there. They fit right in with the real season vet Randy Jackson who has been with the show all 10 seasons.  I really think the new panel has given the show a much needed face lift.

Though it is hard to even care much about the judges when the talent is better than it has ever been. The range in the contestants genres this year has really made the show more appealing to a larger audience. It used to be almost all pop singers, but this season you will find everything from country, to R&B, to blues and rock.

Tonight on American Idol the top 12 contestants will be singing songs of their choice from the year they were born. They range in age from 16 to 26 which means the songs will come from 1984-1995.