Today I had lunch with a wonderful group of ladies from Foley at Famous Dave's in Waite Park.

Debbie Gombos and her co-workers from Customer Elations in Foley joined me for our weekly lunch. We laughed, we shared stories and we enjoyed an amazing meal.

Debbie has been a long time fan of 98 Country and actually qualified for our $5000 Holiday Shopping Spree back in November. It turns out that all the ladies were trying to win and Debbie was the lucky one!

It is always entertaining to me to hear the excitement in people's voices when they start talking about winning or at least trying to win. I sometimes forget what it is like to try to win. Working in the media, I'm pretty much ineligible to win anything at this point. It takes me back to the days of calling the radio station to win a t-shirt or a CD or being full of hope that I will be the lucky caller. It always brings a smile to my face.

Debbie, Megan, Sarah, Casey and Sheila - you ladies are awesome! I enjoyed meeting you all and sharing a meal with you!

If you want to go to lunch with me next Tuesday at Famous Dave's, go to the contests section and enter to win!