As if Toby Keith isn't successful enough, he was named one of Forbes Magazine's Most Powerful Celebrities.

Toby's picture is on the cover of Forbes magazine and there is an entire article devoted to him as well.  The article praises his singing ability as well as his incredible business sense.  In fact, they refer to Toby as being a "one-man cash machine."

After having read the article, I realized I don't know much about Toby at all and I think he did a good job of describing why.  He's been very vocal about some of his opinions and they haven't always paired well with the media.  He also appeals to a certain demographic, albeit a "small" one.  That  group of people played a role in where he is today--they buy his music, request his songs and attend his concerts.

Forbes breaks down the numbers on his yearly earnings and it surprised me.  I'm not sure it should though.  Obviously he is an intelligent man with good business sense and he surrounds himself with those kinds of people.  Not only does he have a successful music career but a string of restaurants including one in Minneapolis.

Other country artists that made the list include Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney.  The new issue is on stands now.