Minnesota has four distinct seasons, but why does it seem that winter is the longest?  Maybe that's why spring feels SO good when it finally rolls around. This is our first winter back in Minnesota after 15 years in a slightly warmer place, so it seems especially harsh. But, I keep telling myself, things could be worse!

For instance, we could be reliving the Halloween blizzard of 1991. It was one of the largest and longest blizzards in state history. It dropped more than 27 inches of snow in some areas. Duluth had the largest single storm total in history with almost 37 inches!  Even worse, the power went out and stayed out for a week in some places and the National Guard was called on to supply generators to some farms. Yikes!

That was not a good year for the kids trick-or-treating. Let's hope the Easter egg hunts are on green grass a little over a month from now!