Debra, 12, Danielle, 10, and Savanah, 4,—have been sleeping outside in a box for three weeks!  It's not because they don't love their warm beds inside the house. It's because these are three amazing kids who are giving back.

The three sisters are raising awareness for the fight against homelessness and hunger in Minnesota. And if the kids have it their way, they will sleep outside right through Christmas Eve!

Mom Carrie supports her kids efforts. She said that it broke her heart, and her kids hearts to even think about people who are hungry and homeless. So they decided to do something about it.

The family’s church is one of many around Lake Minnetonka that organizes a congregation sleep out every year, The girls have taken that to a whole new level! And this winter, Mom Carrie is sleeping outside with the girls several nights a week.

The girls have raised around $3,000 in online and check donations so far.

Click here to donate to the Seawald sisters fight against homelessness and hunger.