There is no shortage of scary movies to watch on Halloween, assuming you aren't heading to a party or trick or treating for candy.  If you're like me and you're planning on staying home on Halloween, here's a few good movies to keep you totally freaked out.

1.  Amityville Horror -- I've seen both the original and the remake.  I personally like the original better.  I think the actors (James Brolin and Rod Steiger) are better and the story itself is portrayed in a much scarier way.  I'm also a fan of this one because it's based on a true story.  I guarantee this one will have you freaking out at your own shadow.

2.  Panic Room  -- I love this movie! There's no ghosts or paranormal activity.  It's just an all around scary movie.  I hope nothing like this ever happens to me, but it makes for a good watch at night will definitely have you watching over your shoulder.  I also think Jodie Foster does an amazing job in the movie too!

3.  Bless the Child --  I remember when I first watched this movie I wasn't really scared by it.  It was definitely freaky but it was a bit unrealistic, maybe?  Anyway, I thought it was a good story line and the actors did an amazing job.  This one might be for folks who don't want to jump at the softest sounds and littlest shadows.

I have some other favorites but I need some suggestions for a movie this year -- what is your favorite scary movie?