Ashli is a HUGE Pokemon Go fan, and thinks everybody should love it. Here's what happens when she tries to get me to at least try it.

First of all, I have the iPhone 4S and it won't start up on the phone. Yes, I'm way behind the times with an old phone, which is *my* issue, but still, kind of glad about that.

I do want to give credit to Ashli for trying so hard to show me something she's obsessed about, only to have me crab out about it. She was a good sport and remained fun about it.

Honestly, if I started walking around trying to find these little freaky looking gremlins that don't really exist, I'd look like a fool. I try to stay young at heart, but there are some things that I'll accept being an old fart about, and this is one of them.

Just say "Poke-NO!".