I consider myself to be pretty laid back, there isn't much that upsets me and I don't get mad easily.  However, there is something that irritates me and I can't really explain why.

Reddit held on online discussion on things that everyone does and society is totally accepting of but irritates people beyond belief.  I can see where some of these things might annoy people and I found one thing that really gets my goat, if you know what I mean.

I love Facebook -- I spend a lot of time on there for work and for my own personal entertainment.  I'm friends with a lot of different people and some of them use it more than I do.  For example, I am friends with someone who constantly posts personal things and everything they're doing.

I understand that Facebook is a way for people to keep up to date on what old friends and family are up to but I don't need every single detail.  As bad as it sounds, I just really don't care.  This person isn't really someone I can remove as my friend, although there are days when I see them in my news feed multiple times and I think that I should.

I know I can block them from my feed but I still see stories pop up because of our mutual friends so I just deal with it.  However, I think to myself, "really, does this person have to share EVERYTHING?" and "how many of their other friends actually care about this stuff?"

Okay, I'm done venting so now I must ask -- what is something that people do that is accepted by society that drives you bonkers?