I'm never driving to a Twins game again. Not when there's a much better way to go! And I'm guessing the Honer family from Rockville feels the same way.

This past weekend, Jay and I decided to take the Northstar Train to Target Field, and it was a great experience!

If you're leaving from St. Cloud, it starts with a very comfortable bus ride on the Northstar Link. We pulled into the Park & Ride on Highway 10, and shortly after, we were on the bus to Big Lake. It was a full bus, and everyone was in a great mood, ready for the first day of summer and whatever destination they had planned.

When we arrived in Big Lake, we hopped off the bus and onto the Northstar Train. Marty was one of the conductors who made sure we weren't riding the rails without a ticket.

Cindy Wear

We sat across from the Honer family from Rockville. They came prepared! It was obvious they were having a great time, playing cards and chatting with other passengers. It was their first time on the train as well. In fact, they were so much fun, that we sat across from them on the ride home too. I had a chance to ask the very entertaining girls, why the train was the way to go.