It wasn't the warm summer evening under the stars at the Minnesota Zoo that I had imagined, but even with some cooler weather, a few sprinkles, and a warm jacket that one should never have to wear in July, the Summer Horns Tour with Dave Koz and Friends was amazing.

If you've never stepped out of your country comfort zone to experience incredibly talented musicians from other genres, I truly believe you're missing something. I can't imagine anyone not loving the concert on Friday night. It was Jazz meets Chicago meets Tower of Power meets Earth, Wind and Fire.

Dave Koz is not only talented beyond belief, but he just comes across as such a nice guy. He's funny, kind, warm, and he makes you feel like he's really happy you're there. The kind of guy you'd like to be your friend.  I found myself smiling while he was in the spotlight. He put together the perfect Summer Horns Tour with three other jazz artists who know how to play a saxophone. And then some....

Mindi Abair plays a sax like she was born to do just that. She has such a presence, I couldn't take my eyes off her while she was on stage. AND, the girl can sing!

Gerald Albright left me wanting more. More music, more of his talent, more of him! There was a warm feeling when he took center stage. A little more sexy/sultry jazz.  Made me want to buy one of his CD's so I could hear it all over again.

And with the utmost respect to the above mentioned, incredibly talented artists, I have saved the best for last........

Richard Elliot blew me away. I have been to many concerts over the years, but I have never witnessed anyone play with such passion. He gave every ounce of himself to what he was doing in that moment when it was his turn in the spotlight. To the point of having almost nothing left when he was done. When he was playing his sax, I realized my toes had stopped tapping and my head had stopped moving to the music. I was completely mesmerized by what was happening on stage.

Put all four of them together, and you've got a night of jazz to remember. If they come around again, I'll be there.  And to all of our country lovin' listeners, I think you should join me!