I recently started working out with a trainer. His name is Nate and he nearly killed me yesterday. Well, it FELT like it anyway. He had this smirk on his face the entire time. I think he enjoyed it. Is that normal? I'm guessing it is.

This morning Doug and I were talking about my work-out and I told him that at one point I looked at Nate and said "THIS IS GREAT!"  Doug laughed and said that is probably one of the many things you should never say to your trainer. Then, of course, we came up with a few more things to NEVER say while working out with a trainer who is just waiting for another reason to amp up the session!

1. What time do we break for a snack?

2. What do you mean french fries aren't a vegetable?

3. Can we smoke in here?

4. I'm pretty sure I'll never lose the weight, it's hereditary.

5. I would do one more rep, but I'm just not in the mood.

6. I'm bloated today, can we just talk? Yes, I was bloated last week too, why?

7. I forgot my make-up, I can't workout looking like this!

8. You want me to run? As in, faster than walking? You're kidding, right?

9. I'm okay with working out, as long I don't sweat in my new gym clothes.