I know you're wondering where I come up with this stuff and I will be honest, I never gave it a thought until I read a story about a woman that this happened to.

Like any good employee Karen Perrin stayed late on a Friday night to finish up her work and before she left, she decided to use the restroom.  Somehow the door locked behind her and she couldn't get out.  She left her phone on her desk so she resorted to kicking and screaming to see if someone would hear her.  When all her ideas failed, she chiseled a hole in the wall to get out.  That's awesome, girl!

I'm not nearly as cool as Karen so if I got stuck in a bathroom for eight hours these are some of the things I might do:

1.  I might belt out Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in front of the mirror
2.  Naps are always good
3.  Try to devise some exciting and dramatic exit strategy that I'd never be able to carry out
4.  Kick and scream like a baby
5.  Possibly, out of total boredom, I'd clean it

What would you do if you got stuck in the bathroom for eight hours?