We've all done crazy, stupid thing that have gotten us injured in the process.  For me, it wasn't just my own stupidity, but that of some of my family members as well.

It was a nice July evening, I believe we had just finished eating dinner.  All of a sudden my dad decides that he wants to go joy riding on his tractor.  Nothing wrong with a little fun after dinner.

My brother takes things a step further and decides that it would be cool to take some rope and tie a sandbox cover to the back of the tractor.  Yes, I know what you're thinking but apparently they were bored.  So they go twisting and turning around our circular driveway, just having a blast.

Then they ask me to go for a spin and I'm thinking "heck yeah!"  So we go tooling around and all of a sudden my dad just whips the tractor so hard  that I go flying across the street in to my neighbors ditch.  I've never seen my mom freak like that before.

The entire family slowly makes their way across the street -- luckily for them I was just fine other than I had the wind knocked out of me.  I had a bit of a headache and some bruising to the side of my face, nothing too serious.

It was totally stupid, but it was fun!