For generations we have paid for an actual newspaper and then technology came along and gave us access to it digitally. Now more and more newspapers are charging for users to view their stories online. Now comes the next wave of technology - the E Paper.

LG has unveiled their flexible screen device that they are saying will "revolutionize the e-book market." I'm not sure about that, but it is pretty cool.

It is a six inch display screen in black and white. You can actually flex it up to 40 degrees without it breaking and it is super light - just 14 grams. LG plans to launch these in Europe next month and they should be available stateside by Christmas.

I have to admit, this is cool technology, but I think it may be coming a little too late. If I can only view books and the newspaper on it, is it really worth the money? I already have an iPad, an iPod, a laptop and a smart phone. All four of these devices will surf the internet, allow me to view any number of websites and read any book that I want. Plus they do much more than that. I can listen to music, play games, and see the latest Blake Shelton Tweet.

With all the technology that I already have, I don't think my bag will hold any more. That and the fact that I just won't spend the money on something that can only do a fraction of what all my other devices will do.

What about you? Do you have to have the latest technology? Will you have to have this device?