I spent a fair amount of time on Netflix this weekend. And by that I mean I binged Fuller House Season 2 in its entirety. It made me wonder "What is the most watched Netflix show in our state?"

The most watched show in Minnesota in 2016 was Making a Murderer! When Wisconsin wasn't obsessing over their Packers they were watching Fuller House, and Iowa binged on Scandal. North Dakota needed a laugh last year and watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (10/10 stars, do recommend!) and South Dakota wanted to be like us and also watched a lot of Making a Murderer!

Since Netflix doesn't release ratings information, these results are based on the top 75 shows on the streaming service, cross referenced with Google Trends data and that some how determines what shows are most likely to be streamed in each state.

If you want to see what every state watched click here! 

What do you think the most streamed show in Central Minnesota is?! Leave it in the comments!

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