There's just something about Halloween that brings out the.....weird in people and those artistic folk over at craft site Etsy get especially, weirdly inspired this time of year. Would you like to disturb people (and animals) this Halloween? These costumes are for you.

  • Roadkill Bunny

    You're going as a WHAT for Halloween?! Ummm, a road kill bunny. Yeah, I bet you never thought of a road kill bunny as an option when you were coming up with ideas for a costume. But someone (with a very sick mind) did. This year's hottest costume is supposed to be Charlie Sheen and when you think about it - road kill bunny or Charlie Sheen, what's the difference?
  • Lady Gaga Frog Costume for Dogs

    It was weird when Lady Gaga wore it. Is it even weirder when your dog wears it? Yes, yes it is. But, if your dog is lucky, the frogs are the kind that you can lick to get high and that is always a good excuse. "Oh, man, I don't know what I was thinking...I was just so high"
  • Shark Attack Baby Costume

    Yes, your baby is being eaten alive. I guess that's okay if the shark is warm and fuzzy like this one. Plus, your kid will be going out happy - stuffed full of candy.
  • Mad Princess Cat

    Don't tell me this kitty is enjoying itself. This kitty is mad. Really mad. It's not okay to dress your cat for Halloween. Not ever. Just don't.
  • Zombie Care Bear

    Who knew Care Bears would survive the zombie apocalypse? Not only did they survive, they are now going to eat your brains. The perfect costume for kids that would rather rip the heads off their toys than play with them.
  • Pumpkin G-String

    Now things get really disturbing. I know skimpy costumes are a lot of fun but they're for the women to wear (and the men to enjoy). Men should not be in a pumpkin G-string...unless you'd like to acquire the nickname "little pumpkin" and when it comes to that area, I don't think you do. Am I right?