You may not appreciate art, or you may not like candy but you'll love this, eye candy!You probably got an eye full watching Magic Mike especially if you saw it two or three times. If you enjoy a good piece of candy be ready for this explosion in the art world.

An enormous portrait of Channing Tatum complete with the bow tie and and yes the ripped abs, all made out of Mike N' Ike candies was done by an artist out of the San Fransisco area.

This tasty treat was made out of 50,000 pieces of Mike N' Ike deliciousness and the labor hours put in - 50 hours worth.

It didn't take long to sell it either, but on a good note the artist stated if he gets Channing to actually pose with the picture all the proceeds will go to a charity of Channing's choice.

I don't know about you, but that is most definitely a sweet deal.

Check out the attached video for a yummy treat to the eyes.