Okay, I admit it, I've had several moments of "this is what I would do if I won the lottery" this week.

Pay all our bills, buy a new car, give money to our families, help out a few friends, give a boatload of money to several animal shelters and other organizations, build our dream home, and then go see the world.  Not asking for much, right?  Oh, and invest a few bucks so I wouldn't end up like some of those lottery winners who end up broke a year later. How does that happen?

No one hit the jackpot in Saturday's Powerball drawing. The prize was $325 million. That was the fourth largest in the game's history!  Now it's up to $425 million, the most in the game's history!  The next drawing is this Wednesday.

It's okay to dream. So go ahead and have some fun in your head today. What would you do with a few million dollars?