This sundae is so huge it feeds up to 175 people. But I am willing to bet if Ricky and I could get our hands on this, we could polish it off in a couple hours.

Cabot's Ice Cream and Restaurant is located in Newtonville, Massachusetts and has been serving up old-fashioned ice cream since 1969 . With over 70 flavors and 35 toppings you wont have a problem finding the perfect concoction to suit your craving, that's for sure.

The photo above is a picture of 'The Great Pyramid' - and no wonder - considering this sundae includes 60 pints of ice cream. Yes, I'm serious! Now Cabot's suggests this mammoth bowl of deliciousness serves up to 175 people, but like I said before, if you love ice cream in the obsessive way Ricky and I do, it might be possible to tackle it with a friend.

So if you have an upcoming party, you just broke up with your boyfriend, or you're suffering from your monthly cravings, this sweet treat will definitely do the trick!