They ain’t kidding, it’s HOT out there! “Oh, not that hot,” you say, until you get into your car and then you believe the heat could actually kill you. So, let’s put that car heat to good use and cook us something tasty. This week’s heat has inspired a Dashboard Cuisine Series on 98 Country.

A couple of summers ago, I heard about an ingenious lady who thought she would use the summer heat to bake cookies on the dashboard of her car. Since no one wants to fire up the oven on a day like today and we all still need to eat, I wondered what else could be prepared on the dashboard of an overheated car.

“But wait!” you say “Can you really bake cookies on the dash of your car?” Don’t worry we’ll definitely be trying that during this very unMinnesota-like heat wave but I thought I’d start with something easier than cookies, something that doesn’t actually bake, but melts.

S’mores! You know how to assemble a S’more – graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallow and another graham cracker. Put the yummy little tower on a cookie sheet, place it on the dash of your (very hot, parked in the sun) car and let the heat go to work.

Great, in theory, but the towers wanted to topple and working in the heat, trying to get everything together almost toppled me! My testers thought they turned out pretty well but, then, maybe the heat was starting to fry their brains.

So, the S’mores were good but maybe not worth the effort. I did learn a very important lesson though – don’t leave anything in the car this week that you care about…kids, dogs and chocolate included!