Who doesn't remember the Easy Bake Oven from their childhood? I most definitely do! I can still remember tearing the Christmas wrapping off the box to discover that I did indeed receive the best present in the world. Seriously, was there anything better than being able to bake with a light bulb?

But now that the existence of the 100 watt incandescent bulb is slowly coming to an end, what will happen to the Easy Bake Oven? It's tragic, I know, but never fear, Hasbro has come up with a solution.

The new Easy Bake Ultimate Oven will actually have a heating element in it similar to that in a normal oven. It also has a sleek new futuristic look and some fun new recipes including pretzel dippers with cheese sauce and guitar shaped pizzas.

The new and improved Easy Bake Oven hit store shelves in August. I would suggest picking yours up soon (for your child... of course) since Christmas is right around the corner and I am betting these are going to be a hot commodity.