Ladies and gentlemen, start your dollar bills. Or at least dig 'em out of your cushions, grab 'em from between the mattresses, and check the serial numbers for 9-8-1 somewhere in the sequence. Gotta be in order. Then listen for the cue-to-call for your chance to win $100.

Three times every weekday through September 27th, you'll hear the official 'Dollar Bill Game' cue to call. When you hear it call 320-XXX-XXXX if you have a dollar bill with 9-8-1 in the serial number, we'll trade you that single for a crisp, fresh, 100-dollar bill.

You'll need to read us the serial number when you call, and you'll need to bring in that exact bill when you come to swap it for $100.

Grab your singles, stay tuned, and good luck!