Well, sorry for the violent headlines this week, they just seemed to be the ones that were more ridiculous this week.  From mops, axes and Legos, it was quite a week again in the headlines, so here they are, enjoy!

"Woman Stabs Husband to Death for Trying to Kill Her Cat"  -  STORY

"Illinois lawmaker wants to ban sale of lion meat" - STORY

"Daughters say father drove up to 100 mph while they opened beers for him" - STORY

"Boynton woman charged with assault for hitting man with mop" - STORY

Teen hit man, then drove off as 'he wasn't exactly dead or anything' - STORY

"Lego Spill Shuts Down Section Of West Virginia Highway" - STORY

"Man allegedly goes on rampage with ax after getting kicked out of Dunkin Donuts" - STORY

"Minnesota shooting suspect blamed noisy cars, document says" - STORY