If you've never had tator-tot hotdish, it probably means you're not from around here. Hotdish is the signature dish for Minnesota, and it ranks number 40 on a list of best to worst. Obviously those who came up with this list, have never been here. The big winner here is Illinois. No surprise. Chicago-style deep dish pizza is their dish.

Here's the rest of the top 5:

2. South Carolina: Shrimp and Grits

3. California: Mission Style Burrito

4. Maryland: Crab Cakes

5. Georgia: Peach Pie/Cobbler


And the worst of the state dishes? Not surprised here either:

1. Ohio: Cincinnati Chili. I've never had it, but it must be bad!

2. Connecticut: Steamed cheeseburgers. What?

3. Nevada: Because they're the only state with no signature food. I feel bad for them.

4. New Hampshire: Boiled dinner. It's kind of like corned beef and cabbage, but with other meats and vegetables too.

5. Alaska: Akutaq. It's a native dish made out of whipped fat, berries and other optional ingredients. Does not sound good so far.

And just for the record, our friends in North Dakota came in at number 8 on the worst signature food list with Lutefisk. Uff-Da.