I for one am not a fan of doing dishes. I'm so lazy that I don't even like putting them into the dishwasher. It's such a tedious process!

A new survey found that the average person spends about 23 minutes each day doing dishes which equals out to approximately six days per year. I think it's time for me to start buying paper plates.

Even if you only spend 12 minutes a day doing dishes, that's still nearly three days per year (way too much time in my opinion). Twenty-two percent of those surveyed said that dishes is their least favorite chore. I think that number seems really low--that or I just hate that chore way too much.

I think I probably spend more time trying to get out of doing dishes than I actually spend doing dishes. I'm so glad I live in the "future" where dishwashers exist.

Thank you Josephine Cochrane for inventing the dishwasher and making all of our lives easier.

(PR Newswire)