Remember how Gilbert Gottfried tweeted his way out of a job after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Aflac has been conducting a nationwide search for the new voice of the Aflac duck and they found him in White Bear Lake High School graduate Daniel McKeague.

Thousands of people auditioned for the gig but the 36 year old father of three landed it. McKeague has experience with voice over work and lists his specialties as accents, impressions and cartoon voices. He is also a sales manager at Twin Cities radio station KQRS.

WCCO has details from McKeague.

McKeague recorded a 30-second clip at KQRS in Minneapolis, where he works, uploaded it to Aflac’s website and later did a more formal video audition.

After learning early Tuesday that he was selected for the gig, McKeague said he’s known for doing silly voices.

“Whenever that ad would come on I would imitate the duck and the kids loved it,” said McKeague, whose children are 5, 8 and 11.

You can hear McKeague, as the voice of the Aflac duck, for the first time tonight during the premiere of The Voice at 8pm on NBC.