I might be the worst Minnesotan ever because I just came up with a list of things around here that I've never seen or done.

I was thinking about all the things Minnesota is known for and I realized there's several things here that I've never seen or tried.

Here's the Top 10:

1.  I enjoy fishing but I've never baited my own hook
2.  I've never been ice fishing (based on my dislike of winter, that probably won't happen!)
3.  I've never been to Canterbury Park (I think it would be fun around Kentucky Derby time.)
4.  I've never eaten lutefisk
5.  I've never made it to a Holidazzle parade.
6.  Or the Renaissance Festival
7.  I've traveled up north but I've never seen the Boundary Waters
8.  I have never been to the International Wolf Center in Ely
9.  I've never seen a show at any of our incredible theaters
10. I've never had a Juicy Lucy (I guess the best ones are in Minneapolis!)

I could go on and on -- I can't say I've tried any of the fried foods at the Minnesota State Fair and I've never been to a fish fry.

What's something you've never done (Minnesotan or otherwise) that might surprise people?