Taylor Swift is about to turn 21 and she has a lot on her plate. She is now a Cover Girl - appearing in ads starting next month.

She appears to be dating Jake Gyllenhaal since there have been numerous pictures of them together lately having coffee, laughing and even Taylor out with Jake's sister. I guess we'll have to wait until her next album to see if there is a song called Jake on it!

Her new tour next year already has some dates on sale. Gillette Stadium in MA sold out in five minutes, while her two shows in L.A. sold out in just two. More shows have been added for those cities and will inevitably sell out. Don't worry, she's slated for two dates in Minneapolis in 2011.

Taylor also lives clean and I don't mean with clorox. She is a clean eater. She eats right through the week with healthy foods. To keep her shape, she likes to run and tries to get a run in every day. On the weekends she decides to take a break and eat some of the foods that she really likes, but knows isn't good for her.

Taylor turns 21 on December 13 and the one thing she is really looking forward to is hearing bands that she's never been able to see before. No, it wasn't because of her rigid schedule. It was because she wasn't old enough to get into the club they were playing. Taylor says she's not a party girl, so we won't see her drunk Tweeting at 4am - or will we?