Before too much longer, professional football players will probably be trading in their pads for flags to wear around their hips.

I'm not complaining about all the rules the NFL has made over the past few years, I agree with protecting the quarterback... the defenseless receiver rule I see the point, but if you're crossing over the middle to catch a ball, as a receiver, you KNOW a hit is coming and as you should not be defenseless. I don't remember Jerry Rice, Cris Carter or any other GREAT receiver crying on a day-to-day basis that the game is too violent.

I think today's players, although there are still some great ones... ADRIAN PETERSON, think every little trip, getting tangled up with another player, little bump or even the smallest of contact should be called a penalty. GET OVER IT! You are here to play football where big hits, big plays, good bounces, bad bounces, good calls and bad calls happen.

These players are being paid millions of dollars,to basically cry about CONTACT IN FOOTBALL!!!

Rant over, and it actually didn't have much to do with the point of this post. Even though this new rule is just taking it too far, in my opinion.

I think sportsmanship should be a huge part of the game and the players should show each other respect and play the game to the highest of their ability. With that being said, I think taunting is an unnecessary part of the game.

If you score a touchdown, it's fine to celebrate a little with teammates or even the classic spiking of the ball... but act like you've been in the end zone before.

With that being said, this new rule is out of control.

The league is considering NIXING touchdowns if an offensive player is flagged for TAUNTING. The way the penalty is handled now is, the score still counts, and the penalty (15-yards) is assessed on the kickoff. That may so change... Dean Blandino, the NFL's head of officiating, said he's "sure the competition committee will look into instituting a rule similar to the one in college football." For those of you who don't now, the college rule is this... when a player is flagged for taunting on a play that results in a touchdown, the touchdown is TAKEN BACK and it would be a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.

Is there room for more professionalism in the game, yes. Is this a ridiculous rule they're thinking of putting in to place? YES?

What do you think? Is these new rule taking things too far?