I chuckle to myself every time I walk in to a retail store in mid-July.  I see the school supplies set up in the very front and I can just hear kids all over groaning that summer is over and they have to go back to school.

Now, if you are like my mom, you're over the moon because you're ready to send those little munchkins -- or big munchkins -- back.  They've driven you completely insane for the better part of three months and now you need a vacation.

Since they're heading back to school, it's time to start thinking about their lunches.  Let's face it, most cafeteria food has never been good and we're foolish to think it will start now.

Here are some easy ideas for school lunches that you can put together the night before and will save you time.




Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

What kid doesn't love the classic pb & j?

I still eat them myself and you can put them together the night before without them becoming all soggy and disgusting!

It's a classic and an easy solution if you're in a bind.





I know what you're thinking--salad is healthy, your kid will hate it.

You might be right.

I was one of those weird kids that liked salad and all the vegetables that most kids won't touch.

I say give it a try, it's easy and who knows? Maybe your child will love it.





It might not be the best solution but it's super easy, especially if you had it for dinner the night before.

Here's what's great about this.  There are a number of different varieties so he or she could take a piece of cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian and taco.  I don't know how good they'll feel after that mixture though.

I know some schools have microwaves, so they could possibly heat it up at school but you can eat most pizza cold so it's not necessary.

And who are we kidding here?  There aren't many kids who don't LOVE pizza!




Soup or Chili

Most kids like chili especially on cold winter days.

With cheese on top, YUM!!  I personally would put onion on there but not everyone goes for that.

Soup has so many different flavors, so there has to be something they'll eat.

Whether it's chicken noodle, broccoli cheese or my favorite chicken wild rice.  There's something for everyone!

It's healthy and you have to do is throw it in a thermos to keep it warm.  Easy as pie!




Chicken Salad Sandwiches

I don't if the kids will love it, but hey, that's why they come home for dinner, right?

I had these for lunch the other day and had made them the night before.

It's better than just a boring old ham or chicken sandwich.

This has flavor and you can spice it up a bit by putting a small amount of pepper on it.  Make sure not to overdo it, it will ruin it.

Or maybe add some grapes and almonds.


Simple and tasty!