With Halloween less than a week away I have candy on the brain, not like that's really anything new but at least I have an excuse this week. So I got to thinking about my favorite candy when I was young and my mind was flooded with memories of different candies that I had completely forgotten about. So I figured I should share my findings with you so we can take a trip down memory lane together!

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    Super awesome taffy-like candy! When I was a kid I remember going down to the gas station and buying a box of the assorted flavor Airheads, but the most exciting part was the mystery flavor. There was always one (if you were lucky you got more) that had a white wrapper and when you opened it up the candy itself was also white. That was always the best part of indulging in this sugary snack, trying to figure out what the mystery flavor was supposed to be.

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    Bubble Tape

    Who doesn't remember Bubble Tape? Do they even still sell this stuff? I can't stand the smell of bubble gum anymore, much less the taste of it, but when I was a kid this gum was way cooler than the boring stuff that came wrapped in foil and was stuck in waxy packaging. I remember the grape flavor was always my favorite. And when it came to sharing, bubble tape was cool because you held the power to decide how much of the gum each friend would receive. Plus, you could blow really big bubbles!

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    I have always been a sucker for caramel, if it's an ingredient I'm going to eat it. This was my go-to candy bar of choice as a kid. The massive amount of caramel that was packed into every chocolaty square made me one happy kid. I could really go for one of these right now!

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    I love nerds! No I'm not talking about geeky nerds (though I like them too) I'm talking about the little weird shaped sugary candy from the 80's. They came in all kinds of flavors, but the best part was being able to eat them directly from the box. You didn't have to bother with the strenuous task of pouring them in your hand first. As long as you opened the box correctly with the little tab on the side, all you had to do was lift it to your mouth and pour in the tasty treat! Nerds - keeping dentists in business since... whenever they were invented.

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    Look Mom I'm eating fruit! Well, not exactly but these little candies sure did look and kind of taste like the fruits they were impersonating. Wolf and I got to talking about Runts this morning and I was expressing my dislike for the banana flavored ones, he disagreed and said they were his favorite. Looks like he would be the perfect person for me to share a box of Runts with...now all I have to do is find them.

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