Report Ranks Minnesota #1 State for Women
If you're a woman living here in Minnesota you couldn't be in a better place in the country. That's according to a new report from the website walletHub. They rank Minnesota as the #1 Best State for Women.
Minnesota Named ‘Best State for Women’
Minnesota has been named the 'Best State for Women' by the number crunching smarties at Wallet Hub. By default, that makes it pretty darned good for us guys too -- because we all know, "Happy Wife, Happy Life." :)
Minnesota Is the Best State for Women
According to the latest number-crunching done by the brainiacs at WalletHub, Minnesota is the Best State for Women. The worst state -- well let's just say we wouldn't recommend moving to Louisiana anytime soon. Here's the scoop:
It’s True…Women Really Do Talk More Than Men
From the time I was a kid I have been told I talk too much.  I hated being told that little girls should be seen and not heard.   What can I say?  There's alot to talk about.
On average women say 20,000 words per day while men only say about 7,000...
Women Anglers of Minnesota Fishing Tournament
I’m not claiming to be a great fisherperson but I often out-fish the men in the boat. I think it’s because I keep my hook in the water and my face to the sun. So, while the guys are fussing with their bait and changing their position, I’m hauling in th…
Can Men and Women be (Just) Friends? [VIDEO]
Short answer - NO! But this is one of those questions that will be forever debated even though the answer is obvious. You know like who's the better driver? Women, obviously...and yet men continue to debate that one too.