Behind The Scenes – 98 Country Photo Shoot [VIDEO]
Doing a photo shoot for a new billboard sounds like fun right? Well, when you are working with 5 different personalities, it can be tough trying to find the right "look" that will work in a picture. Check out the video of our shopping trip to find the right clothes!
Wolf Tries To Be Cool In Bunny Costume…BIG FAIL [VIDEO]
On Friday afternoon we had a room full of our Wolf and Ricky Easter egg hunt winners.  I got a bunny costume from Invincible Costume and Theatrical Company.  The plan was to hop down the hallway and into the room, but I had never worn a costume with a big head before.
6'1 + Big Head + …
Deep Frying Easter Candy In The 98 Country Studio
About a week ago, Lynn had something on the website about a chef who was deep frying Cadbury Eggs. We thought, "we can do that!" and, boy, are we glad we did. They were so awesome that you may see us selling them this summer at the Minnesota State Fair - on a stick!
Ice Fishing with Wolf
YouTube - Ice Fishing (Cliff Notes Version).
I got my first taste.  Can't wait to do it again.  Next time, maybe I will get to catch a fish.