wolf and ricky

Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs In The 98 Country Studio [VIDEO]
Friday morning we decided to deep fry Easter candy in the studio.  Everybody had a good time and loved the Cadbury eggs.  It took a while to figure out how long to cook them, but after playing around with them for a bit, we are now professionals......OK  maybe not experts, but look fo…
Geek Or Nerd? Which One Is Worse?
We love to problem solve on the morning show. We tackle topics that will change the world forever. So would you rather be called a Geek or a Nerd? Find out what some of our listeners said.
Wolf and Ricky Interview The Grinch
If you missed the interview and need your your grinch fix. Does Ricky secretly have a crush on the Grinch and want to move to Whoville? Will Wolf and the Grinch share bow hunting stories?