Minnesota Ranked Worst State for Miserable Winters
Sure, go ahead and call us the anti-Hawaii (because it's true). They have volcanos, warm Januarys, mountains, beaches, and canoes. Wait, wait! We have canoes too. And that's where it ends. They have the BEST winters, and we have the WORST. (Although we do have hockey, s…
Lack Of Snow Makes Selling Skis, Snowboards A Tough Job
While many of you are enjoying our mild winter weather this year, it's been a bummer for people who love to get out and play in the snow. Mike Rathlisberger is the owner of Fitzharris Ski and Sport in downtown St. Cloud. He says sales are down for snow-dependent gear.
14 Reasons to Love Winter in Minnesota
I know I complain about winter all the time but there really are some wonderful things about it here in Minnesota. I'm turning over a new leaf today by compiling a list of the things that make winter totally awesome!

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