Is ‘Milking’ the New, Weirder ‘Planking’?
We know, you didn't think it would be possible for a meme to be more random than planking, but it's happened. Consider this -- after planking, one is not drenched in approximately a half a gallon of milk. That's the problem you get with "milking," which is basically …
Extreme Wedding: Newlyweds Literally Jump for Joy [VIDEO]
Look, I'm all for being adventurous, but I also believe there is a time and place for it - and in my opinion, your wedding is not the time, nor the place. This couple, seems to disagree, considering they took the plunge in more ways than one on their wedding day.
Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday [VIDEO]
Picture this. You are out for a night on the town. Your friends are with you and the plan is to have a night you'll all talk about forever. Then it happens. That thing that you want to tell everyone about, but no one would believe it. Unless you have a video to prove it happened...